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Yoga Mat Best Premium Exercise Mat

Yoga Mat Best Premium Exercise Mat

American Brand Fitness
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Yoga Mat - Best Premium Thick Exercise mat - Great for aerobic and pilates - use at home and gym - with strap carrier - for man and woman.
The benefits of yoga are numerous: *improved strength, *Balance, *Coordination,
*Stress relief and peace of mind. A yoga mat is important for safety and improved performance.
This mat is engineered with Sustainability, high quality material which will not peel,
flake or fade. Eco Safe, Free from Phthalates and Latex.
* Durable .1/2 thick foam mat
* Comfortable and durable
* Durable & long-lasting material
* Non-slip gripping surface
This is a very light weight mat. Because it is made from Nitrile/Buna N Rubber (NBR) foam.
It holds up even when exposed to moisture, chemicals, or oil-based products. While it is easy
to clean, this eco mat is also free of toxic materials and does not release dangerous gases back into the atmosphere.
While keepping the body and mind in excellent condition is the ultimate goal of yoga, keepping the earth in good shape
is also a primary consideration for many of its health conscious practitioners.
For this reason, it is exciting that Monster Fitness is now offering an eco mat.
Comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors
Superior wear and longevity
Non-sticky, even when wet from light perspiration
Helps learner easily achieve desired position
Individual & illuminating colors that define your inner self
Mat Care
Whether your mat is new, slightly used, or looking a little tattered, proper care can prolong its life even if its new.



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