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XR Vertical Climber Stepper Cardio Workout Exercise Machine with Resistance Cords

XR Vertical Climber Stepper Cardio Workout Exercise Machine with Resistance Cords

American Brand Fitness
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High intensity Exercise workout climber machine with resistance cords.

  • Includes resistance cords for smoother more even climbing movements
  • Ergonomically designed with five adjustable levels.
  • Smaller front cover allows for more room for upward knee movement
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Compact folding function for space saving easy storage
  • LCD monitor counter.
  • Full body trainer
  • Supports up to 220 pounds

XR Vertical climber is designed to ensure that you use your limited exercise time efficiently to offer you a high-intensity, upper body, core and lower body workout each time you get on the exercise machine. Compared to competitor vertical climber XR Climber has additional resistance bands to allow for a smoother more efficient workout. You get more than your standard stair climber machine, stair steppers, mountain climber exercise machines with this quality vertical climber workout exercise machine. Unlike a home climbing wall this machine occupies a smaller footprint and easily folds away for when you are not using it. Tone and shape a multitude of muscle groups while burning off more calories. Reach your weight goals in a decreased time

Usage Foot Print Width: 36 inch Length: 28 Inch Width: Height ranges from 70 inches to 86 Inches.