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SOLE SPIN BIKE - American Brand Fitness


American Brand Fitness
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Magnetic Resistance

Our whisper quiet resistance gives users a smooth transition in between resistance levels, all while maintaining an extremely quiet workout. Allowing users to worry less about fitness equipment noise, and focusing more on reaching fitness goals.



Extra Comfort

Regardless of whether you prefer the road bike or are an indoor cycle enthusiast, comfort is extremely important. In terms of comfort, the SB900 comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars that move up and down as well as fore and aft.



Premium components

More Options, More Fun

Users also have the option of using toeclip or clipless (SPD) pedals. A heavy duty 48 lb chrome plated flywheel and magnetic braking design will make certain of a quiet and smooth ride.



Strong Frame

A strong durable frame is vital for Light Commercial bikes. Heavy Steel tubing along with aluminum shroud makes the SOLE bikes indestructible but light and manageable. Two wheels upfront act as touch points and make moving the bikes easy and convenient.



Console Display

The integrated console displays RPM, time, KCal, distance and speed and is also compatible with a wireless heart rate chest strap, ensuring users that they staying within their heart rate training zones and work to get their optimal results.



Power Source:                 NA

Resistance Type:              Magnetic Resistance

Resistance Control:         Multilevel Resistance

Workout Display:             Single LCD Window

Workout Programs:        Personal info can be inserted and displayed

Hand Pulse:                        N/A

Crank Length:                    170mm / 6.7"

Receiver:                             YES

Speakers/Audio:              N/A

Cooling Fans:                     N/A

Flywheel Weight:             18.2kg / 40lb

Product Size:                      1065x538x1025mm / 42"x21"x40"

Carton Size:                        1079x266x1117mm / 42"x10"x44"

NW/GW:                             61.3|66.3kg / 135|146lb

Weight Capacity:              135kg / 300lb