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Professional Basketball Stand (Fibre Glass Backboard) - American Brand Fitness

Professional Basketball Stand (Fibre Glass Backboard)

American Brand Fitness
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  • REGULATION-SIZED PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL STAND: Shoot hoops like a pro with the Sports Tournament Basketball Stand With Rebound System. Custom-made for high-octane action with a robust blow-moulded polyurethane base and rust-resistant powder-coated steel stand for ultimate durability and outdoor use.
  • ACRYLIC BACKBOARD & 45cm SPRING-BACK RIM: Basketball stand has been designed to NBA and BBL standards with a full-size acrylic backboard for ultimate rebound action. The heavy-duty backboard also features a regulation-size 45cm spring-back rim with net to recreate the best shots and slam dunk like your favourite pros.
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE WITH SIMPLE PULL LEVER SYSTEM: A push-button pull lever system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height of the stand from 7' to an NBA regulation height of 10' for authentic match level action. Simply adjust the height of the backboard, hoop and net to suit your height or hoop shooting ability.
  • RETURN BALL REBOUND SYSTEM ON BASE: Sink a basket and a rebound system on the base of the stand automatically sends the ball back in your direction. Perfect for free throws and three pointers when you're practising on your own. Saves you from constantly having to fetch the ball, so you can shoot hoop after hoop after hoop.
  • NEW 2020 INSTRUCTIONS ADDED FOR SIMPLE ASSEMBLY:  Sports has listened to customer feedback and improved the assembly instructions to make the stand faster and easier to assemble. Full fixings are included but we recommend using a ratchet set during assembly. Takes approximately 2-3 hours to assemble.