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Infrared Sauna(2 User)
Infrared Sauna(2 User)
Infrared Sauna(2 User)

Infrared Sauna(2 User)

American Brand Fitness
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Effects of Infrared Sauna Room:

1) Removes toxins, heavy metals and harmful materials
2) Removes fatigue, replenish oxygen and energy
3) Reduces stress, promotes better sleep
4) Provides the same effects of exercise
5) Makes skin beautiful and smooth, looks young
6) Burns calories and weight loss(600 calories/30min)
7) Remarkable pain relief
8) Improves blood circulation, cardiovascular and cerebral system(corresponds to 10km jogging)

Features of Infrared Sauna Room:

1) Safe
2) Natural and green
3) Humanistic design
4) Comfortable
5) Easy operation
6) Easy for transportation
7) Effective
8) Easy installation
9) Luxurious appearance
10) Complete sauna series