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Double Slides Ab Roller Wheel With Knee Support Mat

Double Slides Ab Roller Wheel With Knee Support Mat

American Brand Fitness
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Ab Roller Wheel slims, trims and tones abdominals, Waist, Arms, Back, and shoulders.AB Roller Wheel is compact and portable: use it anywhere, anytime.
  • AB Wheel is a simple device, easy to set up, and very efficient.
  • It engages core abdominal muscles to give you the perfect tummy shape.
  • It also exercises the arms, shoulders and thigh

The Ab Wheel excels for building prominent Abs, core strengthening and stability (Abdominal muscles). It has been around as far back as the 60s as a testament of its viability and utility with.

Its structure, although simple, allows several levels of progression to intensify the impact on the abs; from

  • AB wheel “rollouts” from the Feet,
  • to performing rollouts from the Knee and
  • then into more advanced forms off of inclined surfaces.

Using the Ab wheel would heavily build Core stability, which is one of the main factors to consider when targeting the right form and postures to prevent injury during other exercises like heavy weight lifting and squats. The strengthening of the Core includes the muscles surrounding your Lower back, which means that your back is protected during strenuous movements or stretches that would otherwise bring tension, cramps or pain.comes in diffrent design



  • it is double slides
  • it has a portable mat
  • it very efficient