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Commercial Spin Bike (150kg user Weight) - American Brand Fitness
Commercial Spin Bike (150kg user Weight) - American Brand Fitness

Commercial Spin Bike (150kg user Weight)

American Brand Fitness
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A spin bike is an exercise equipment that is used for intense workout by the people of all ages, abilities, and gender. Spin bikes are generally used in gyms and fitness training centers.  These machines provide you a full-body workout and help you to achieve your fitness goals. Also, working out in a spin bike engages most of your muscle groups and makes you healthier and fitter. Unlike other regular stationary bikes, this exercise equipment  improves your cardio vascular health. Now that you’ve understood what exactly a spin bike means, shall we jump into reviewing each exercise equipment? Let’s go for a spin!

The Spinner®️ Chrono™️ Power distances itself from the pack of indoor cycles by offering a hassle-free experience for operators, instructors and riders alike, all while staying true to the iconic feel of a Spinner®️ bike. It will exceed expectations with direct power measurement, magnetic resistance, and a Bluetooth™️ and ANT+ enabled console that will allow you to connect to virtual cycling apps like Zwift®️ or any leaderboard system. Tablet and mount not included.