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BROWN SOCCER TABLE (FOOSBALL) - American Brand Fitness
BROWN SOCCER TABLE (FOOSBALL) - American Brand Fitness
BROWN SOCCER TABLE (FOOSBALL) - American Brand Fitness


American Brand Fitness
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njoy a game of soccer right in your living room. It's suitable for home use, gyms, hotels, game centres, schools, offices, etc.

Why should you get a Foosball/Soccer table today?

It's fun and competitive. It builds communication and relationship among people, because people can talk while playing it.

It builds team spirit and boosts productivity. In addition it has some health benefits too. It serves as a soft form of rehabilitation for some people.


The length is 4 feet.


Full specs:

  • Table Dimensions: 1270 x 610 x 810mm (LxWxH)
  • Playfield : 3mm MDF With Green Paper laminated
  • Side and end Apron : 12mm MDF with wooden PVC laminated
  • Table Leg :12mm MDF with Black PVC laminated , Φ75mm Hollow Square leg
  • Play Rods:Φ12.7mm Hollow rod with Black Plastic handles
  • Players: 22pcs players,Blue and Red color Players, (1-2-5-3)
  • Scoring : Red And Blue Plastic scoring
  • Accessories : 2 pcs soccer balls(Φ31mm)
  • Table weight : G.W : 23kgs N.W : 20kgs
  • Packing : Half l K/D with assembly instruction
  • Carton size : 1340x 680 x 135mm