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Are you looking for an exercise that works on all parts of your body simultaneously? Then say hello to the Bosu gym ball exercise!

Bosu ball is a multipurpose fitness tool that has the following benefits:

1) Balance Training:
Awareness of your body positions and building inherent strength. An improvement in gait and overall balance that lowers the risk of falls in older adults.

2) Increased Flexibility:
Fine tunes sports skills and helps in sensing the presence of a neighboring body.

3) A Cardio Workout:
It provides core training and enhances one's endurance.

A Bosu ball can also help a person in recovering from injuries and eliminates back pain. Squats performed using the ball activate the lower limb muscles and are very beneficial for rehabilitation.

In additon, you can perform Side Planks, One-Legged Bridge, Mountain Climber, Burpee Jump, Push-Ups, Oblique Crunch, Bicep Curl, etc.