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Bluetooth Hoverboard- Off-Road Balance Scooter 6.5
Bluetooth Hoverboard- Off-Road Balance Scooter 6.5

Bluetooth Hoverboard- Off-Road Balance Scooter 6.5

American Brand Fitness
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Off Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth Perfect for All Terrain. RED COLOUR

Off Road Hoverboard with 6.5 inch wheel is designed for outdoor riding. Its maneuverability and shock absorbing design make for easy off road driving. This is the hottest new off road hoverboard for all terrain in 2017.

The all terrain hoverboard with 8.5" size wheels which allow it to ride smoothly and steadily on rocky places. The unit is power by a powerful battery which enable it to ride 20Km on a full charge. Some people even call it the SUV hoverboard.

Smart-Hoverboards always push for its products to be both smarter and safer. User experience is of paramount importance.

We use a top quality mother board and chassis to ensure the quality and a sublime user experience.

  • Uses branded battery cell.
  • Charging management system protects from overcharging and overheating.
  • Comes with UL charger.


  • High quality motherboard and chassis.
  • Both sides are fitted out with high quality Bluetooth speakers.
  • 6.5 inch aluminum wheels with bigger rubber tires (best for off road and rough terrain).
  • Anti scratch and fireproof outer casing (thermoplastic polyurethane /TPU).
  • Two bright LED Lights fitted out front.
  • Top quality 4.4Ah lithium battery (UL certificated).
  • Max weight limit 100kg (220 lbs).
  • Max speed 12kmph (7.5 mph).
  • 1.5 - 2.0 hours to fully recharge. 
  • Power : 100 – 240 Volts.

 Smart phone controlled, all terrain hoverboard. (Rider can check speed, travelled distance and battery level through hoverboard app.)

Suitable for all weather conditions (Water Resistance: IP54 Water Resistant