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Basketball System With 48'' Shatterguard Backboard

Basketball System With 48'' Shatterguard Backboard

American Brand Fitness
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Become a true basketballer with the Portable Basketball System. This item is a good choice if you're a serious about your game or if you just like to shoot around. It's an excellent option that lets you take along your passion for the sport wherever you go. This lifetime basketball system goes anywhere, thanks to its innovative portable design. Add stability by filling the 31-gallon polyethylene base with water or sand. Bottom wheels allow you to move it around freely, so you can take it from the street to the back patio with little effort. This item is a more versatile alternative to a classic system that's cemented in place or hung on an exterior wall. The backboard is made from shatter-resistant polycarbonate, making this item highly durable. The graphics are fade resistant so that they stay looking new for the long term. The orange Slam-It rim adds fun style. Adjust this outdoor basketball system with 48" Shatterguard backboard using just one hand with the special speed shift mechanism. The basket itself has double compression rings and welded net hooks that offer a satisfying swoosh with every dunk.


  • Light Weight
  • High Quality
  • Durable