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AIR WALKER - American Brand Fitness
AIR WALKER - American Brand Fitness
AIR WALKER - American Brand Fitness


American Brand Fitness
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Air Walker or 360º Space Walker (YK-A18A) is suitable for muscles by increasing the strength of the thigh muscles. It also works on the abdomen to tighten the chest and abdominal muscles. 

It's good for cardio, hence it aids circulation of the blood and heart. It comes with a backrest as support while exercising. It helps to balance the body weight. Helps the digestive system work better. Reduces stress as well.


- Muscle and shape the bottom as well, whether it's hip, thigh, calf 
- Aids blood circulation, and improves heart muscle. 
- Low impact on body joints.
- Helps reduce injuries from exercise. 
- Has a backrest support
- Easy to move and foldable
- comfortable, easy to use in all areas in a single device 
- Digital display screen
- Convenient, large, anti-slip footrest
- The maximum user weight is 80kg/100kg. 
- Product size 55x69x148 cm. 
- Carton dimensions 107 x 46 x 26 cm. 
- Product weight: 20.8 kg.