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MASSAGE CHAIR (Red+Black & Beige+Blue) - American Brand Fitness
MASSAGE CHAIR (Red+Black & Beige+Blue) - American Brand Fitness

MASSAGE CHAIR (Red+Black & Beige+Blue)

American Brand Fitness
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Technical Parameters:

Noise level: ( ≤ )60(dB) within 30cm
Power: 170W
N.W: 83KG
G.W: 99KG
Bearing: 120KG
Package size: 1165×760×1160mm
Standby size: 1400×750×1110mm
Flat size: 1610×750×900mm
Time: 20min(Optional)



HEATING THERAPY (Relax your muscle deeper)
* Overheat Protection
* Intelligent Temperature Control
* Waist Care
* Leg Warmer

FULL BODY AIR MASSAGE (Relax from head to toe)
* Shoulder, Back, Arm, Hip, Calf and Foot Air bag

L-TRACK MASSAGE FUNCTION (Decompress every disc of your spine)

ZERO GRAVITY (The perfect position to relax your stress)