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2.5HP Treadmill German Machine with Massager and twister - American Brand Fitness

2.5HP Treadmill German Machine with Massager and twister

American Brand Fitness
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Multi-functional 2.5 horsepower electrical/motorized treadmill. It has a multi-way Massager, incline, waist twister, sit-up, and a built in loud speaker for music. The multifunctional treadmill is good for weight loss and burning calories. It helps in special exercise of the legs, good for heart muscles, etc. It has a large screen showing: Pulse, Calorie, Time, Speed, Distance. You can equally set different speed levels ranging from 1 to 12. Max user weight of 160kg. new fitness treadmill with massager for your daily work out, it's has a monitor for time, speed, calories and distance. The massager is use for massaging your body. it is foldable which allows it to take less space.